The Alliance Medical & Home Care team consists of staffing professionals with over 55 years of medical and staffing experience. We are locally owned, operated and based in Lexington, KY. We are dedicated to providing quality medical professionals to local and regional hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities and physician's offices. Whether your facility is in need of a nurse on a PRN basis, a contract basis, or a permanent basis, we are ready to meet your needs. Alliance Medical & Home Care takes pride in our client satisfaction and retention.


What does your facility do when you are in a staffing "crunch"?
Alliance Medical & Home Care provides an on-call Representative 24/7, 365 days a year. You can be assured that your facility's staffing concerns are our priority. We communicate quickly and effectively to fill your staffing needs. This allows your facility to continue to deliver quality patient care.


As a client of Alliance Medical & Home Care you can be assured that all our employees have been thoroughly credentialed and referenced. This includes professional accreditation licensures, work references, background checks, drug screens, OIG, OSHA mandated medical information, JCAHO mandatory competency and skills testing, just to name a few. Profiles of our field staff are available for our clients upon request.


Because we understand the problems and ever-changing needs that employers face on a daily basis, Alliance Medical & Home Care can tailor a customized solution to your staffing needs. We verify experience and references to ensure that our clients have access to the most adept talent in the health care field.

Whether staffing an entire facility, providing a temporary Private Duty Sitter, or placing a Nurse Practitioner, or other Medical Professional, Alliance Medical & Home Care offers superior choices that leave our clients more time to focus on their day-to-day priorities.


Myth: Nurses who work agency have substandard skills and cannot retain employment.
Truth: Nurses in Alliance Medical & Home Care's database have an average of 10 years nursing experience. Many nurses choose agency work because it agrees with their schedule and offers a variety of new experiences.

Myth: Using an Agency is not cost effective.
Truth: Alliance Medical & Home Care's employees are trained, licensed, screened and readily available. They take pride in their patient's care. As the employer, we are responsible for the worker's compensation insurance, social security, state and federal taxes and professional liability. We assume full liability for the care and scheduling by coordinating with your staff. For these reasons it is more cost effective.

The internal staff and management of Alliance Medical & Home Care consists of experienced medical professionals with extensive work history in staffing, hospitals, and long term care facilities. Contact us today to discuss your staffing needs.